Overall, PROCESS

aims to provide computing solutions for exascale challenges to allow more intuitive and easier exascale data services

Specific objectives:
  1. Surpass the current state of the art in exascale computing in Europe.
    PROCESS aims to pave the way towards exascale data services that will accelerate innovation and maximise the benefits of the emerging “very large data” solutions.
  2. Provide specific reusable solutions in key industries.
    PROCESS will deliver a comprehensive set of mature services prototypes and tools specially developed to enable extreme scale data processing in both scientific research and advanced industry settings. The outcumes will include a common resusable architecture as well as specific demonstrators in five top-demanding industries:
    · Medicine
    · Astronomy
    · Disaster Management
    · Airlines
    · Agriculture
  3. Expand and facilitate the adoption of HPC
    technology through dissemination and