Help Key Players

PROCESS is focused on helping key players in the new data-driven ecosystem:

  • top-level HPC, e-infrastructures and big data centres
  • scientific communities and companies with mission-critical extreme scale data challenges

Boost Scientific Progress

PROCESS  will deliver ground-breaking services prototypes and tools, specially developed to speed up the uptake of future extreme-scale data processing offerings aimed at boosting scientific progress and disruptive business innovation.

Exascale Data Services

PROCESS outputs will allow more intuitive and easier to use exascale data services for broader communities, fostering wider uptake and seeking to expand European e-infrastructure user bases, to secure stronger impact and sustainability

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Latest news

Workshop: Design your e-Infrastructure  

workshop: design and setup of e-infrastructures for emerging scientific communities and their use cases.

First set of public PROCESS results

This is the first set of the PROCESS project results.

Workshop summary of the Platform driven e-infrastructure innovations

A summary of our Platform-driven e-infrastructure innovations workshop at the eScience 2018 Conference, in October 2018.

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