8-9 February 2018 workshop in Amsterdam

Use Cases & Requirements Workshop

Participants from: Ludwig Maximilian University – LMU, University von Amsterdam – UvA, Netherlands e-Science Centre – NLESC, Haute École Spécialisée de Suisse Occidentale – HES-SO, Lufthansa Systems LSY, Cyfronet – CYF, Ústav Informatiky – UISAV, INMARK. The Requirements workshop was held in the UvA, in downtown Amsterdam.

At the Use Case Poster Session, Use case owners provided initial information on the use cases in the form of posters, presenting the goal of the use case, the customer / typical user of the use case, what data is available and where,  and the size and structure/type of data .

Requirements and technical problems /requirements with reference to Data and to calculations were discussed.

There was a presentation of current architecture and discussions on how to adapt the architecture.

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