PROCESS  deliverables


Number Title
D6.1 First prototype

Description of the initial prototype of PROCESS tools and services: with demonstration, initial prototype of the data orchestration system and tools, the first PROCESS user interface portal as well as an initial benchmark set

D2.1 Progress Report (Use Cases #1-5)

Overview of the progress made with the use cases in the first year of the PROCESS project.

D4.2 Report on architecture evaluation and Dissemination

The fundamental architectural components of the PROCESS architecture, aiming at a highly modular infrastructure which can be easily adapted to various HPC and Cloud storage technologies and protocols



Design of a data infrastructure for extreme-large datasets

The different design options for the data infrastructure for extreme-large datasets (Delivery and Storage) and ranks them based on their ability to fulfill the requirements of the use cases of the project



Initial Dissemination and Engagement Plan and market research Report

The initial measures implemented by the PROCESS team to pave the way for the future exploitation of the project results and the consequent generation of sustainable impacts.



Initial state of the art and requirements analysis, initial PROCESS architecture

Requirements analysis of the use cases, an initial state of the art, and a description of the initial architecture of the PROCESS project

D1.1 Quality Plan and Initial Data Management Plan

Summarizing the processes to ensure the project’s deliverables and other outputs are of high quality and suitable for their intended purposes, includes the first version of PROCESS’s Data Management Plan.